Window Cleaning


professional window cleaning service

Our highly trained technicians will make sure your windows are thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. This includes the glass panes, the frames, the sills, the tracks & crevices, as well as the screen. With years of experience, we have dealt with every kind of window including : double-pane, triple pane, manivel, guillotine, solariums, skylights, french panes, and more!


Not only will you see the difference, you will feel it. A clean environment reduces stress and brings peace to your property. In addition, maintaining your windows regularly prevents the build-up of harmful agents like mold, thus prolonging the life of your windows.

Call us today and see what the difference we can make for you and your home.


safety and satisfaction

Working at heights can be risky, which is why we are fully insured for your property and any bodily harm. All technicians have the proper training and experience to handle all kinds of tools and equipment safely.

Your satisfaction is our priority. With years of residential & commercial window cleaning experience in Montreal and the surrounding areas, we we only leave once you are satisfied.